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The Story of Propel

Where do we begin?

Propel, originally known as Chronic Coder Academy (CCA), brings together diverse teams of backend developers, frontend developers, UX designers and product managers to learn by building and shipping an application using industry-standard technologies and best practices in 7 weeks.

Propel wasn’t what it is today two years ago. In 2019, Propel’s founder, Christopher created a YouTube channel known as Chronic Coder to document his machine learning projects. However, Chris desired to help out peers in the field by gathering fellow machine learning enthusiasts to work on fun projects. This transformed into the Chronic Coder Academy (CCA). After consecutive successful cohorts, CCA has since rebranded into Propel.

3 seasons, 40 participants, over 10 countries and timezones, and countless hours spent collaborating on interesting projects later, Chris hopes Propel will continue for years to come. To date, the larger Chronic Coder community has grown to have over 650 developers and designers supporting each other.

The Six Pillars of Propel

Propel has always remained a uniquely diverse and international program. Since it’s inception, we’ve had Fellows and Mentors join us from over 10 countries and timezones alike. However, the experience for every season since then has always remained consistent, if not better over time.

This is because we stick to these six core principles which we expect those involved in Propel to have:


Everyone at Propel is there with the same goal in mind--to learn and build something with others.

We expect anyone involved to uphold their responsibilities and create the best experience for not only others, but for themselves too.


We encourage open communication throughout the program. If you have ideas for improvement or notice any issues, feel free to express your thoughts!

Education first

Propel is a place of education. However, education also comes with failing and stumbling along the way. Don’t be afraid to! We’ll be there when that inevitably happens.

Networking relationships

Every Propel season has seen participants from at least six countries and three continents. It is an amazing place your network your way around the world, so take advantage of this!

Diversity and inclusion

Being founded by a group of international students from across the globe, we understand the value and importance of diversity in the tech world.

We've been fortunate enough to have students from across 5 continents and even had a 50/50 split in women/men last season!

Having fun

We often forget to appreciate the journey when we’re so fixated on the end goal. Ultimately, Propel is focused on making sure you take all you can from the seven weeks you’re with us.

Enjoy the process, embrace the uncertainties with your reliable teammates! It’ll be worth it.

Behind the Screen

Christopher Kok, Propel's Chief Executive Officer and Machine Learning extraordinaire.

Christopher Kok

Co-founder & CEO
Ignacio Raposo (aka Lugus), Propel's Chief Operating Officer.

Ignacio Raposo

Co-founder & COO
Eric Oulster, a Senior Project Manager at Propel, founder of Nanite.

Eric Oulster

Senior Project Manager
Tina Huang, Propel's Lead Data Science Advisor, owner of her own YouTube channel.

Tina Huang

Lead Advisor - Data Science
Joey Wong, Propel's Lead User Experience Advisor.

Joey Wong

Lead Advisor - User Experience

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