Backend Development

Hands-on experience building an application's structure
Store, manipulate, and utilize data while collaborating to deploy the product as a team

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How does it all work?

Minimum Requirements to apply for the Backend Development track

  • You must show a basic knowledge of Python, Java, Node, PHP or any other tool/language for backend development.
  • You are able to commit between 10 - 20 hours every week for Propel work (including weekly meetings, 1 on 1’s).

General Responsibilities

  • Lead scoping of technical requirements for the project
  • Set up an initial database and barebones API with simple logic
  • Ensure the API can communicate with the FE application
  • Continuous iteration for more complex requirements
  • Deployment of final MVP
In addition to the above, the backend developer may need to specialize into any of the roles below depending on the project.
Backend Engineer
  • Performance optimization for data storage and retrieval
  • Unit testing
  • Server side development
Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine learning system design
  • Iterating on and retraining ML models for better results
  • Offline and online testing
Data Engineer
  • Data scraping
  • Data cleaning and manipulation
  • Ensuring reliable data pipelines
  • Quality testing
Data Scientist
  • Data cleaning and manipulation
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Iteration for more complex requirements

The 8-week Backend Developer Track Plan

one week before program start : Team formation and Setting up

After you’ve accepted your offer, we’ll handle team formation for you by assigning you to teams based on various criteria such as timezones and skills. After, we'll bring you into the Propel community! Take this opportunity to network with the rest of your cohort and team.

Week 1 : Introductions and Planning

Get to know the team and the project. Then, start the technical planning in coordination with your other team members - taking into consideration the time, project scope, and skill levels of all involved.

Week 2 : technical planning

Work with your team to establish your goals and plan your approach for the next few weeks of your project. Determine your tech stack and constraints and requirements moving forward.

Week 3 - 7 : Collaborate, develop, deploy, iterate

Collaborate with the frontend developer to flesh out the APIs expected features and data formatting. Develop the functionality to support the applications use case. Iterate on the main functionality of the application's API. Optimize the performance of your API and fix bugs (of course). Prepare your project for the showcase.

Week 8 and beyond : Project Showcase and Wrap Up!

Pitch and demo the MVP your team has developed, deployed, and validated with real users!

You’re finally done! Pop some champagne and celebrate your hard work.

Why choose Propel?

Live product, real users

No more tutorial hell. Build a fully functional product! Your product will be based on real data and users.

Apply industry best practices

Learn to balance the scope and expectations as a developer while adhering to a strict timeline.

Cross collaboration

Practice communicating with frontend developers and designers throughout the process.

Our mentors come from many places...

Hear from our previous Backend Developers!

Angie Hollingworth

Cohort 3
Morse Decoder, Backend Developer
Before Propel I had never coded with anyone else, and especially never even committed to a shared repo (or set one up for that matter). To put into words what I have gained is tricky because I gained so much, although I think it was mostly confidence and the skills of working in a team that will see me through my following journeys. I highly recommend Propel to anyone that might be considering giving it a go.

Daniel Kashkett

Cohort 3
Eye Commander, Backend Developer
Working on the EyeCommander project was definitely a milestone for me in my career development. The difference between projects with toy datasets and projects with real data is considerable and having a mentor along the way was invaluable. It was a unique experience to be able to contribute to a project as impactful as the EyeCommander and I'm thrilled with what my team was able to achieve in such a short time frame!

Sandy Kuo

Cohort 3
Ciku, Frontend Developer
I had a technical interview and showcased Ciku. They were really impressed with the project. Specifically they were interested in the fact that it was a team project with other roles, and that it was about solving a problem we cared about rather than a tutorial project.

Antonette Adiova

Cohort 3
Ciku, Product & UX Designer
Before Propel I had never worked with developers, and I was initially worried that my inexperience would somehow bring the team down. But I learned that despite the differences in our roles, we were all after the same goal of building a great product. I worked with amazing people who were passionate about the project, happy to answer questions about the technical aspects, and who had many great ideas that contributed to my growth as a designer.

Nicole Ip

Cohort 3
Resume Rescue, Frontend Developer
I really enjoyed working on a project outside that allowed me to explore different types of technology. My team was great and I loved the mentorship provided by Propel.

Wilson Thai

Cohort 3
WeCo, Product & UX Designer
Propel gave me a great opportunity to learn and practice doing user research. It was a pleasure working with two other team members that is experienced with front-end and back-end development in a smaller team. This gave me a new perspective to understand the different constraints we had to work with within building a MVP in 10 weeks.

Benjamin Portelli

Cohort 2 - 3
Nanite, Frontend Developer
It was an immensely positive experience, offering an opportunity to create something useful in a collaborative environment where people are keen to share their knowledge and experience.

Kenny Tran

Cohort 3
Clairity, Product & UX Designer
I really enjoyed my time getting to know everyone. I think this was a great program to be apart of because it challenges you to figure out what you know and what you want to build on.

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