Product management

The glue that ties everything together
Lead developers and designers to successfully deploy a live product

This role is currently not open for applications this season.

How does it all work?

Minimum Requirements to apply for the Product Manager track

Details to be released when the Product Manager track is open for applications

General Responsibilities

  • Complete pre-program product manager intensive training
  • Planning and creating your team’s pitch
  • Bring together business, user, and technical requirements for the project
  • Plan and lead weekly team meetings (e.g. action items, task prioritization, etc.)
  • Organize 1 on 1’s with your team members
  • Facilitate communication effectively between all team members
  • Lead project showcase (demo and reflections)
These are the general responsibilities for the role. This is subject to change based on your team's needs.

The 8-week Product Manager Track Plan

pre-program work (1 to 2 weeks before program start)

Begin with our intensive product manager training to excel on product scoping and leading a cross-functional team.
Flesh out the pitch and requirements of a chosen project idea.

Week 1 : Introductions and Planning

Meet the team! Pitch the project idea/vision and put together the developer and designer feedback into a larger strategic plan. Lead the team to decide on the proper communication channels.

Week 2 : first 1 on 1’s and kickoff

Have the first round of 1 on 1s with each team member. Kick off the development phase!

Week 3 - 5 : coordinating, assisting usability tests

Hold weekly meetings to keep the team accountable, hammer down the scope as necessary, work through the software development cycle, collaborate with your UX designer to work out their designs and plan for usability tests.

Week 5 : second 1 on 1’s, assisting usability tests

Have the second round of 1 on 1s with each team member. Assist UX designer in usability tests.

Week 7 : Showcase Prep

Lead the team to prepare for the project showcase by pulling information together.

Week 8 and beyond : Project Showcase, final 1 on 1’s and Wrap Up!

Pitch and demo the MVP your team has developed, deployed, and validated with real users! Hold your final round of 1 on 1’s with each team member.

You’re finally done! Pop some champangne and celebrate your hard work.

Why choose Propel?

Improve leadership skills

Lead and manage a technically diverse team with two developers and a designer.

Apply industry practices

Learn to balance the scope and expectations from a high level while adhering to a strict timeline.

Juggle different perspectives

Pull together the work of developers and designers under constraints to complete an MVP.

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Current Season

Season 4
September - November 2021
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