Eye Commander


Project EyeCommander is a machine learning application to help individuals with a high percentage of paralysis to interact with technology through their eye movements. This is a machine learning project developed for AceCenter, a UK charity that specializes in Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology.

People with a high level of paralysis typically aren’t able to interact with hand/touch-based interfaces and, therefore, struggle with many daily tasks. The main outcome expected for this project is to deliver a MVP system that is capable of using a consumer-grade camera to detect voluntary eye movements (up, down, left, and right) and output a 4-bit signal that can be ported for any application the charity sees fit. For this, we use Docker for containerization, FastAPI for handling module requests, TensorflowLite/Torch depending on the success of Computer Vision experiments, and Python for most BackEnd programming.

Project Team

Backend Developer (ML Engineer)
Daniel Kashkett
Backend Developer (ML Engineer)
Giovanbattista Amato
Backend Developer (ML Engineer)
Lucas Henrique
Product Manager
Ignacio Raposo


Cohort 3
February 2021

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