WeCo is a web application that helps YouTubers find other content creators who may be good collaborators based on subscriber count or geographical proximity.

Finding collaborators as a new YouTuber may be extremely difficult. Not everyone is interested in collaborating and even if they are, it's difficult to find a good fit. WeCo utilizes unsupervised machine learning techniques and natural language processing to help YouTubers easily find collaborators. The tool matches your content, timezone, and subscriber count to suggest and provide information for similar YouTubers who are interested in collaborating. It minimizes the need for YouTubers to search for hours in forums or spam Discord servers with collaboration requests.

Project Team

Backend Developer (ML Engineer)
Kevin Beuchot
Frontend Developer
Harsh Singh Bais
UX Designer
Wilson Thai
Project Manager
Christopher Kok


Cohort 3
February 2021

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Current Season

Season 4
September - November 2021
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